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BBC Radio 5 Live signs up Jason Roberts - from The Drum

Rédigé le Vendredi 29 Juillet 2011 à 16:40 | Lu 144 commentaire(s)

Roberts will become the first playing Premier League footballer to host a football phone-in show moments after he steps off the pitch on Saturday 13 August. He joins a 606 roster that includes retired Welsh midfielder Robbie Savage, commentator Alan Green and presenters Mark Champman and Darren Fletcher. "I'm a long time listener to 606, so love the debates and opinions on the show. It will be brilliant to combine playing for Blackburn Rovers with talking to the nation and giving the fans a player's view of the game," Roberts said. "I have been lucky enough to play at every level, from the Conference to the Premier League, and I cannot wait to connect with fans from all levels of football on 606." Roberts will present the show for the first three months of the season.

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