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• # D33 The advantages of Loudness in Radio

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Animé par : Nick Dunkerley – Hindenburg Systems et Matthieu Parmentier – France Télévisions

• # D33  The advantages of Loudness in Radio
Lundi 7 février 2012 - 15h45

Atelier en anglais/ Workshop in english : Genuine discussion of the pros and cons of Loudness and its implementation. Presentation and discussion about real world solutions and opportunities with the audience. Participants will hear audio examples that illustrate what fantastic soundscapes can be achieved with the dynamic range that Loudness brings back to radio.

The focus of the workshop will be:
1. Short introduction to Loudness
2. Why is Loudness of interest to radio?
3. What are the challenges of working with Loudness and how do we best implement in the production workflow?
4. What are the long term opportunities that Loudness present to create more engaging radio and improved soundscapes?