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DIGIGRAM and ACP GROUP join forces to accelerate the development of innovative solutions for media professionals.

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<br> <br> <span style="font-weight: bold;">By bringing its innovative culture to the ACP Group, DIGIGRAM aims to expand its expertise into new markets while ensuring the sustainability of its core market.</span><br> &nbsp;<br> ACP Group already offers innovative services to media professionals by offering them easy access to high quality text content and photos. Having launched ACP (Agence Centrale de Presse), the first BtoB editorial marketplace in the world of newspapers, ACP Group is to join forces with DIGIGRAM for the next stages of its development.<br> &nbsp;<br> Thanks to its technological advances, the new entity aims to ensure the acquisition, storage, transportation and management of content for the media in order to improve their productivity and responsiveness. This proposal is consistent with the transformation of traditional media to a new model of "convergence" and aims to reposition "content" as the engine of growth for its customers.<br> &nbsp;<br> The deal will generate numerous synergies for the new ensemble:<br> <ul> <li>A common client base: publishers of print media, web, radio, TV, etc.</li> <li>A range of complementary solutions and services</li> <li>The contribution of technological expertise and R &amp; D</li> <li>Pooling of tools and resources</li> <li>A greatly enriched proposal thanks to a comprehensive range of solutions and services with high added value</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br> &nbsp;"This merger is a fantastic opportunity for DIGIGRAM because it combines the pursuit of development in the areas that, historically, are the heart of our business and associates us with the ACP project launched by ACP GROUP. It will enable us to add value as well as being highly motivating for our employees," said Philippe Delacroix, Digigram's President and CEO.<br> &nbsp;<br> "DIGIGRAM brings us technologies that will allow us to accelerate our development by broadening the range of solutions and services destined for media professionals," stated Christian Ciganer-Albeniz, President of the Compagnie Financi&egrave;re de Constance, majority shareholder of ACP GROUP. <br> &nbsp;<br> All development, production and marketing activity concerning DIGIGRAM-branded products will remain in Grenoble out of Digigram&rsquo;s office, whilst the ACP Group HQ is based in Paris. <br> <br>

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