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Decision by the Swedish Parliament is an opening for commercial digital radio in Sweden

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The Swedish Parliament has decided on a new Radio and TV Act. The Act contains a decision regarding digitalization of the Swedish radio network and it will come into effect on 1 August 2010. As a result of the new legislation, opportunities will become available for both new and established commercial radio companies to apply for a digital radio license. “The decision today can be regarded as an important first step towards a transition to digital radio, which is something that a unified radio industry has waited a long time for. Now, we are looking forward to discussions in the fall on how the digitalization process will proceed,” says Stephan Guiance, Head of Teracom Sweden. The industry is in agreement about cooperating on the choice of technical standard, development and expansion. The Swedish Radio and TV Authority has invited the industry’s stakeholders to attend a hearing in September. It is expected that permission will be granted for commercial radio by the end of the year.

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