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Increase in radio listeners through mobile phone and internet - from The Drum

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The figures showed that radio listening via mobile phone has increased by 16.1% from last year, with 14.5% of adults (aged 15 and over) saying that they have listened to the radio using this method. In the 15-24 demographic nearly a third (31%) of those surveyed claim to have listened to the radio in this way with 14.8% stating they listen at least once a week and 3.3% stating they listen every day.  The RAJAR figures showed that the total number of radio listening hours has also increased year on year to 1,076 million hours per week, which worked out as 22.6 hours per listener. The majority of listeners used a DAB radio, but the number of listening hours using DTV and the internet both increased, with DTV listening hours up 23.7% from last year, and internet listening hours up 15.4% to 34 million.  The share of listeners using the internet stands at 3.2%. An Ofcom report has also revealed a huge rise in Smartphone usage by UK adults and teens in the last year.

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