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The IMDA will be presenting at IFA TecWatch on September 5-6, 2011. IFA TecWatch is the platform for innovation – [...]

The IMDA will be presenting at IFA TecWatch on September 5-6, 2011. IFA TecWatch is the platform for innovation – the IFA future lab for technologies and applications in the consumer electronics and home appliance industries. In Hall 11 visitors to IFA will explore key global issues in the context of institutional and industrial research.

John Ousby, Director of Broadcaster Services, vTuner and Andy Giefer, Founder Artistic Engines, will be presenting at the IFA Tech Watch Forum in Berlin on September 5 at 11:00am and September 6 at 12:30pm.   John’s presentation entitled, “Radio – not just another app”, will be centered around Internet radio in the car.  Radio has an 80 year heritage of association with motor vehicles and in most territories represents the lion’s share of radio listening today. IP provides another route for extending the relationship of audio in this environment, with the accompanying extension of choice beyond terrestrial transmission limits, moving beyond simulcast into on demand and internet only content. IP can also offer enhanced information about the content, visuals, enhanced audio and interactive options.  Hear from the Internet Media Device Alliance (IMDA) on the opportunities and challenges in this space.

Andy’s session will bring you up to date with the technical side of Internet Radio, focusing on recent activities of the IMDA’s Technical Committee. The presentation takes a look at three key aspects of the delivery chain connecting broadcasters’ output with the listener.   First and most importantly, the IMDA’s guidelines on Metadata are presented, allowing media organizations to describe their streaming services through text and graphics.   Second, the Central Discovery Service project is introduced, taking care of distributing broadcasters’ metadata to the outside world, such as aggregating services, in an automated fashion.  And finally, the IMDA’s basic and advanced device profiles are discussed, giving guidance to broadcasters and manufacturers alike on technical capabilities Internet Radio users have come to expect, as well as highlighting current trends in the industry.

If you plan to attend IFA and want to speak to an IMDA representative, please contact the IMDA office for an appointment.

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