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Ofcom expects White Space technology could be launched in UK in 2013 - from The Drum

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The technology works by searching for unused areas of the airwaves or gaps called ‘White Spaces’ that exist in bands that have been reserved for TV broadcasts. These are used to transmit and receive wireless signals, making efficient use of a limited resource. Ed Richards, Ofcom chief executive, said: “At an early stage Ofcom identified the potential of White Spaces, which are currently lying vacant all around us. Within Europe, we have been leading the way to try to harness this capacity without causing harmful interference to existing users of the spectrum. “The solution we have devised creates the opportunity to maximise the efficient use of spectrum and open the door to the development of a new and exciting range of consumer and business applications.” White Space technology will work in a similar way to Wi-Fi, with the main difference being that the White Space router – or “master” device– will first need to consult a list of databases hosted online. It will notify one of these databases of its location and update it on a regular basis. The database will then return details of the radio-frequencies and power levels it is allowed to use. Ofcom has decided to allow multiple third-party providers to develop databases, to help create a competitive marketplace. The next step is for Ofcom to consult on a draft Statutory Instrument to make white space devices licence exempt. Ofcom also plans to work with stakeholders to make information about existing licensed services that operate in the TV band available to prospective database providers.

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