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Olivier Carmona, Member of the Board of Directors at IMDA

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Olivier is working in the corporate head office of AwoX, the World leader in home network technologies for consumer electronics and customer premise equipments. In his capacity with AwoX, Olivier is responsible for the marketing activities and pre-sales activities, as well as for definition and implementation of the Intellectual Property policy including representation in standard bodies.

Olivier Carmona, Member of the Board of Directors at IMDA

Olivier holds a MSc from Centrale Marseille with specialization in artificial intelligence at Université Paul Sabatier and parallel computing at ENSEEIHT, both in 1994. After completing his civil service as a CERN, Olivier led several research efforts in mobile robotics at EPFL from 1996 to 1999, before joining and then leading starting from 2001 K-Team, a swiss mobile robotics company, spin-off from EPFL. Olivier joined AwoX in 2005 as a program manager and was appointed Director of Tecnhical Marketing at AwoX in April 2008.

•    Director Technical Marketing, AwoX

Olivier holds also the following positions as representative of AwoX in the following standard bodies:

•    Member of the Board of Directors at the Internet Media Device Alliance (IMDA)
•    Member of the Board of Directors at the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)
•    Chair of Compliance &Test Committee (CTC) at Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)

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