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Pictures Available from Internet Radio Forum @ CES

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Find a small selection of pictures from an interesting day at IMDA's Internet Radio Forum ...

The IMDA Internet Radio Forum was held at the Las Vegas on January 7, 2011, to coincide with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Interesting presentations were given by industry experts and lively panel discussions took place. Find a small selection of pictures from an interesting day below (click on the pictures for full screen) …

Radio Distribution Future

“Radio Distribution Futures” Panel
Gary Kline (Cumulus Radio); Michael Reichert (SWR); Michael Yoch (NPR); Ray Archie (CBS Radio); John Ousby (vTuner)

“Radio Distribution Futures” Panel
Michael Reichert (SWR); Michael Yoch (NPR)

“Radio Distribution Futures” Panel
John Ousby (vTuner)

“Internet Radio Devices Today” Panel
Colin Crawford (Pure); Roger Lanctot (Strategy Analytics); Olivier Carmona (Awox); Steve Evans (Frontier Silicon)

IMDA Broadcaster Metadata
Alan Ogilvie (BBC)

Get together after the presentations
Greg Ogonowski (Orban); John Dawson (Arcam)

IMDA 2010 Accomplishments/Plans for 2011
Andy Giefer (IMDA TC Chairman)

IMDA members being happy with the good show
Andy Giefer (IMDA TC Chairman); Harry Johnson (vTuner); Karen Parnell (Frontier Silicon); Jan Nordmann (Fraunhofer)

Get together after the show
Kurt Hanson & Jim Pavilack (AccuRadio/RAIN); Roger Lanctot (Strategy Analytics)

IMDA members looking at good metadata …?
Alan Ogilvie (BBC); Claudia Jablonski (IMDA Program Manager); John Ousby (vTuner)

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