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Radio 4 Controller Gwyneth Williams on RadioTalk

Rédigé le Vendredi 29 Juillet 2011 à 13:26 | Lu 209 commentaire(s)

This week we’re delighted to bring you a special one-on-one interview with the Controller of BBC Radio 4, Gwyneth Williams.

Trevor Dann caught up with Gwyneth earlier this week to find out how her first 9 months in the job have gone. They talked at length about the new schedule on R4 and the launch of 4Extra, the importance of digital and of getting the live schedule right.

Trevor also raised the recent news agenda – was Radio 4’s coverage of the News of the World and Amy Winehouse stories appropriate? They talked about the new model for independent commissioning and answered some questions from listeners via twitter – about why there’s no Today programme on Sunday, what’s the future of R4 LW and why is there such variation in the quality of radio drama on 4.

As with every edition, we ended the discussion by asking what Gwyneth has been listening to (the World Service, the Proms on R3 and the Reith Lectures).

Podcast produced by Heather Davies and recorded at Maple Street Studios.

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