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Radio Numérique terrestre : un pas historique pour l'Allemagne

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Un des plus gros marché de la radio en Europe diffuse désormais la radio numérique terrestre en DAB+ sur les plus grandes villes et les autoroutes de tous les länders (régions) allemands. 27 émetteurs couvrants 40 millions d'auditeurs. 14 nouveaux programmes, uniquement disponibles sur la RNT, chose impossible à mettre en place en FM dû à la saturation de l'analogique. Le futur de la radio est en marche. La France reste à la traine. Communiqué intégral en anglais.
Radio Numérique terrestre : un pas historique pour l'Allemagne
In an historic move for European radio, Germany today launched nationwide digital radio services

London, August 1, 2011

Germany, which is Europe’s biggest radio market, is now broadcasting digital radio in all major cities and autobahns. 27 transmitters around the country are on air today delivering new radio content to 40 million people. German listeners now have 14 new digital services to choose from and radio broadcasters now have the opportunity to diversify their programme offering, something which is no longer possible in Germany on FM.

The national digital radio project office was SET up to coordinate the efforts of ARD (association of public broadcasters), Deutschlandradio (national public broadcaster) and Digital Radio Deutschland (DRD – representing a consortium of private broadcasters), in the nationwide launch of digital radio. The goal of all parties is to establish digital radio as the radio of the future. In a statement today Michael Reichert, from the German digital radio project office said:

 “We are delighted to see today’s launch of national digital radio in Germany.  Both public and commercial broadcasters have long believed digital is the way forward. Now, for the first time, they are working together to ensure a successfully co-ordinated launch in Germany. The importance of radio now and in the future has been shown by the close co-operation between not only broadcasters but also the network operator, the radio industry as a whole, retailers, manufacturers and the Government. These are exciting times for both listeners and Germany’s radio industry.”

Alongside Deutschlandradio, the national public broadcaster, commercial broadcasters (REGIOCAST Digital, Die Neue Welle, ERF, Entspannungsradio, NRJ, Klassik Radio, NWZ/FOM and Radio Horeb) are offering new, quality, audio programmes and enhanced multi-media services which consumers today have come to expect from their digital media enhancing the German radio landscape.

Indoor and outdoor coverage will be up to 95% in some areas of the cities where transmitters went live today. Coverage will gradually increase (up to 99% in some areas) with the final phases SET for completion by 2014.  

The launch of digital radio in Germany is supported by leading receiver manufacturers from Europe and around the world.  Manufacturers PURE, SONY, Philips, Roberts, Panasonic, Enspert, DUAL, Tivoli and more have all committed to bringing a wide range of receivers to the market to ensure that all sectors and price points are catered for. To coincide with the launch the large electronics chains Saturn and Media Markt are also committed to stocking new receivers.  Says Ralf Reynolds, PURE’s regional director, central Europe: “The launch of Germany’s first national digital radio services is historic for German radio listeners and an enormous step forward in the foundation of digital radio across Europe and beyond.  PURE is committed to supporting Germany’s national digital radio launch by bringing to market our full digital radio range - the world's largest range of globally compatible 'profile 1'* digital radios”.

The German automotive sector is supportive of the launch of new digital radio and with more than 10% of all radio listening taking place in the car, this is significant for the German digital radio industry. In-car digital radio enhances the offering to automotive customers and continues to ensure that customers receive the best quality audio and multi-media radio in car. German automotive brands continue to lead the automotive market in all areas including in-car entertainment and information especially the opportunity TPEG offers in terms of traffic and travel data to drivers.

Germany joins an increasing number of countries choosing digital radio as their national standard including the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Malta, Hungary, The Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Mr Jorn Jensen, President, WorldDMB said “We are pleased that national digital radio is now on-air in Germany. This heralds the start of a new era for radio in Germany which will ensure that radio enters the digital age. Listeners in Germany can expect new content, an exciting range of receivers and to be part of what is a revolution in radio!”


For more information contact Caroline Seville, WorldDMB Project Office on +44 (0) 20 3206 7848 or

*In 2008 WorldDMB created the ‘Digital Radio Receiver Profiles’ which specify a SET of minimum requirements and features for different types of consumer digital radio receivers, ensuring interoperability of new receivers and services between countries and enabling a harmonised digital radio and multimedia market.

About WorldDMB: WorldDMB is the global industry forum for digital radio, facilitating the adoption and implementation of digital broadcast (DAB, DAB+ and DMB).  Its global membership includes public and commercial broadcasters, network providers, receiver manufacturers, chip manufacturers and car manufacturers involved in the rollout of digital radio.  Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, WorldDMB has an operational office in London and a regional office in Hong Kong.

Notes to Editors: The DAB family has emerged as the digital standard of choice for broadcasters across Europe and much of Asia Pacific. Created for mobile and portable reception of audio and multimedia services, the family includes the compatible standards DAB, DAB+ and DMB digital radio and DMB mobile TV. The system is on-air in nearly 40 countries and more than 500 million people are within range of DAB, DAB+ or DMB reception, with over 1,000 services on-air and several hundreds of receivers available. 

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