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Radio Production workflow revolution

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Radio quality is suffering as broadcasters cut sound engineering staff.

Individual radio producers have full responsibility for everything from research, to recording and editing radio stories. Time is scarce. Often good sound engineering has to take a back seat to getting the story in the bag.

Enter Hindenburg Journalist Pro, the first Digital Audio Workstation designed specifically for professional radio producers.


Radio Production workflow revolution
By combining groundbreaking technical innovations with an intuitive interface, producers can now focus fully on the story while Hindenburg’s automation features ensure audio quality.

“As a radio professional, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy and VALUE Hindenburg. It’s actually made me a better reporter and producer!” Kyle Gassiott, Indy Producer BBC & US Public Radio.

Current DAW’s are designed primarily for music production, with overly complex interfaces and technical features aimed squarely at specialist sound engineers.

By listening to the concerns of radio producers, Hindenburg Systems has developed Hindenburg Journalist Pro to meet their day-to-day production requirements - Speed, Quality and Reliability.

We invite everyone interested in better audio quality to download a 30-day trial of Hindenburg Journalist Pro at

Hindenburg System’s innovative technology:
- The first DAW with ITU-RBS 1770-2 Loudness measurement: EBU R128, based on the ITU Loudness standard, is the new audio broadcast standard for TV in the EU. In North America a similar standard is coming. This will spread to radio in the coming years. HJP is the first DAW to include a Loudness meter that is compliant with the ITU-approved measurement algorithm.
- Loudness-based Auto-level System: the first DAW that automatically ensures a consistent and balanced final mix using Loudness principles. HJP analyses audio as it is imported, detects whether it is music or speech and adjusts levels relative to each other for a professional mix.
- Personal Voice Profiler: analyses a sample of the producer’s voice and creates a unique voice profile for each producer. With a single click, EQ and compression are dynamically applied to subsequent voice recordings, creating the optimal sounding voice - every time.
- 1-click Publish: our newest feature; SET up multiple upload destinations for quick data transfer to broadcaster ftp-servers. With one click, upload to all chosen destinations in specified audio and metadata formats. Includes presets and compliant formats for PRX and PRSS, with more to come.
- 1-click Podcast: create and automate RSS feeds, incl. podcast series’ and episode naming, descriptions and settings. Allows instant publishing of standard and enhanced AAC podcasts.
- New Media Editor: the first step towards the media-rich future of radio. Allows the addition of images, chapters, links and detailed information for enhanced podcasting. Hindenburg is currently developing a web player that will support this functionality for web and mobile broadcasting.
- Light and fast: Hindenburg Systems understands that radio journalism requires instant reporting from anywhere, anytime. No more waiting - background processing and off-line rendering allow you to work freely to meet your deadline.
- Flexible and mobile: dongle-free on Mac and PC desktops, laptops, notebooks and netbooks. World–class engineering means low min. requirements: 1Ghz single core Pentium 3 or Power PC chipset with 1GB RAM, Mac OSX 10.4 or Windows XP.
- Supports all professional formats in highest quality: import any CODEC installed on your OS – no need for HJP-specific CODECs. Export in all professional audio formats and sample rates, including MP2, BWF, AAC, MP3.
- Multiple professional tools and plug-ins: includes QPPM (IEC 60268-10/DIN 45406) meter, Fletcher/Munson based Loudness meter, One-dial Equaliser and Compressor as standard. Choose between QPPM, PPM or BBC scales on Master Meter.

For more information visit, contact Nick Dunkerley at , tel. +45 29 87 28 81 or Skype: hindenburgsystems.

About Hindenburg Systems
Hindenburg Systems provides functional, portable, intuitive solutions to record, edit and broadcast high quality radio from any location to all audio channels. The Hindenburg series currently includes: - Hindenburg Field Recorder for iPhone/iPad, a groundbreaking mobile recorder/editor that allows fast recording, editing and delivery of radio packages in the field - Hindenburg Journalist, the world’s most user-friendly audio editor, for both Mac and PC. Hindenburg Systems develops innovative solutions in cooperation with radio professionals. The software automatically handles basic audio tasks; levels, voice processing, bit rates, sample rates, codecs, etc. Uniquely, all products are designed to run well on most low-spec machines, including Windows net-books and note-books. Currently several leading broadcasters and podcasters use Hindenburg products to produce high-quality reportage. Equally several major journalism schools use Hindenburg products to teach the art of radio reporting. Hindenburg Systems was founded in 2009 when founder Nick Dunkerley, a seasoned radio engineer, was looking for a user-friendly DAW while helping build a community radio station in Zambia.

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