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The northernmost professional IP audio STL setup

Rédigé le Jeudi 26 Août 2010 à 11:26 | Lu 635 commentaire(s)

PYKO, the most affordable yet highly reliable IP audio solution for broadcasters just found its way to the North Cape in Norway (the northernmost point of Europe, less than 2200 km from the North Pole). The deployed PYKO network consists of four independent local radio stations and one transmitter place.   1.     RADIO DSF (the main Local Radio) , Karasjok 2.     RADIO NORDKAPP, Honningsvåg 3.     RADIO GLR, Kautokeino 4.     RADIO NYE VARANGER, Vadsø 5.     TANA TRANSMITTER STATION, Tana   Local broadcast stations will send common news from Radio DSF, but programs will be shared when necessary. Radio Nye Varanger has also the possibility to either receive program/news or live feeds from the local council meetings.   Radio CPR is a Christian, bilingual (Saami and Norwegian) local radio in inner Finnmark. The radio also broadcasts in Finnish. Concession area is the municipalities Kautokeino, Karasjok and Tana. What's next? North Pole?  

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