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If we have large and uncomfortable amounts of clothes to iron at home and not even with an ironing center we can finish the job, a press can come to help us solve our problem definitely. Ironing presses are more used than they seem due to their high effectiveness, but if we are going to choose one of them for the home it is important that we take into account the power with which they work, their dimensions and the steam system they use. . Once we have analyzed the different models offered in the market, we can see that the Singer press ESP2 is one of the most efficient due to its good power and its pressure system.

Also the press Speedy Press It is one of the most efficient due to its 1600 watts of power and its integral system with support legs to work more comfortably.

Top Picks : 5 Best Steam Press

Steam Press Buying Guide

When it comes to large-scale ironing, both the iron and the conventional ironing center may fall short. The good thing is that in these situations you have adequate tools, such as ironing presses. Presses with which to iron practically in one fell swoop, saving you time and effort in the process. If you want to know how to choose an ironing press suitable to your preferences and needs, we present our guide to buying ironing presses, with some practical guidelines that will help you make an appropriate and profitable decision.

Steam injection system

To begin with, it is necessary to evaluate what is the steam injection system present in the chosen press. This system must offer an adequate injection of steam and heat, according to dry or wet planche, which is properly homogenous, so that you can iron equally in all areas of the surface of the press.

This avoids that there are dead zones whose performance is not adequate and saves time and effort in a real way when it comes to being able to iron. If the system does not convince you or is not really stable, it is better to look for a product than if you fulfill these functions because otherwise the product chosen will probably not be useful. Take a look also at the number of steam exits of the chosen press, since the greater the number of them, the ironing process will surely be much simpler and more efficient.

Ironing power

As with conventional plates, in ironing presses the power of the product is another key issue. This power is responsible for generating the steam with which you will be able to iron, or the heat responsible for direct ironing and its application on the elements of the ironing press.

A product of greater power will allow you to heat the water and obtain a better steam flow, as well as having a good temperature, always sustainable, for this ironing to be effective. In any case, it is important to check both the overall power and the control system of this power, since not all garments are ironed the same.

That’s why the press must have buttons or push buttons with which to choose the desired temperature to be able to adjust the same to the type of clothes that you have to iron. Do not forget that this power is also directly related to steam injection, so it is best to look for a product that offers a steam output that reaches at least 100 grams per minute

Ironing system

Although we are used to seeing the presses of ironing in films, activated manually, the truth is that there are two different ways of working. This product can normally be operated completely manually, so that by pulling the upper surface on the lower one, the ironing is carried out, proceeding to lift it when we consider it appropriate.

Some models incorporate an additional automated system, which is responsible for maintaining the pressure of the plate on the press for a few seconds, while injecting a burst of steam that improves the results. The best idea is to look for a model that has both options since the automatic system saves even more time and energy in the ironing process, but you also keep the option of manual ironing for those garments that require it.

Dimensions and weight

As with conventional plates, the dimensions of the ironing press also make a difference. The larger the dimensions of the pressing area of ​​the press will take less time to be able to iron, obtaining better results.

As a reference, the standard measure of the market is around sixty centimeters wide by twenty centimeters deep, although if you plan to iron sheets and garments or larger textiles you can bet on a larger model.

Regarding the weight is true that these presses are usually around 10 to 15 kilos of weight, which requires some effort to move the equipment. Therefore, the lower the weight of the product, the easier it will be to place it to work or store it properly.

What is the best Steam press of 2020?

Ironing presses are practical tools that save you time and effort in the ironing process. If you are planning to make the jump to this type of products surely want to know which is the best pressing press of the moment. For this we have analyzed some of the best ironing presses of 2019 with which to easily solve this mystery.

#1 Singer ESP2

SINGER | Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Portable with A Large Pressing Surface & Auto Shut-Off with Audible Alarm - Sewing Made Easy

Main advantage:

This ironing press offers many advantages, the main one being its ease of use, which allows you to easily assemble it on a table and to iron seated in a comfortable way and with a minimum of effort.

Main disadvantage:

According to some user reviews, this press offers its best performance when it comes to bedding, not being very useful when it comes to clothing. However, everything depends on the skill and experience using this type of presses.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

It is a recommended product for efficiently ironing tablecloths, sheets, curtains and any other type of table or bedding; as well as personal items. Its power and its size of pressure allow you to do the task in a short time.

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#2 Speedy Press

Speedypress Oversize Pressing Iron/Steam Press | Ultra XL Electronic Iron Press w/ 100LBs. of Pressing Pressure for Home/Business | Multiple Steam Functions & Temp Settings, Large Pressing Surface


  • The press press of Speedy Press offers a maximum power of 1,600 watts which help you to smooth any type of fabric after just a few seconds between your plates.
  • with the purchase of this equipment, you will get as a gift a free additional cover and foam so that you can change them when they begin to wear out and thus enjoy your Speedy Press press again as if it were new.
  • With each closing of the ironing presses you will be applying a total pressure your garments so that your straightening will be quick, simple and very effective against any type of wrinkle.
  • As a safety measure, the ironing press can be blocked so that it can not be opened by children to avoid any type of accidents.


  • Apparently, this ironing press model does not include instructions in Spanish so it can be a bit difficult to handle at the beginning.

The Speedy Press model is a professional ironing press with a wide working surface of 80 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide.

This surface has a steam injection system that just lower the top of the press leaves any perfect garment in just a few seconds. For this you have a power of 1600 watts with which to generate this blow of steam more easily.

The product includes a control system to adjust the temperature to the clothes you iron, as well as a security lock that prevents opening it when you do not need it.

If we add a set price to these advantages, it is easy to understand why we are facing the best press for price quality.

Many may have doubts about which press to buy, but just do a little research to get a more realistic idea of ​​what each option offers you:

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#3 Corby 7700

Corby Of Windsor 7700 Pants Press In Walnut


  • One of the advantages offered by the press of Corby is that you can choose to install it on the wall permanently so that you always have it on hand and in order as well as occupy less space.
  • It has a timer that allows you to choose between 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes of ironing to guarantee the most optimal and lasting results.
  •  And so that your investment remains protected, the 7700 has a full three-year warranty directly with its manufacturer.


  • you must bear in mind that it is an ironing press designed especially for pants so its use may be limited.
  • You can not adjust the temperature of this press either, which is why you should be aware of the state of ironing.

The Corby 7700 model is not only one of the cheapest clothes presses on the market, but it is also an elegant product that you can turn into an elegant evening beau for your room, even putting it on the wall, thanks to the included elements for its assembly.

This product is designed for the ironing of pants, counting on a suitable timer for 15, 30 or 45 minutes so that the pants are perfectly ironed at the moment in which you need it.

The LED screen allows you to see the level of performance of the product so that the garments never spoil. A cheap steam iron press with which your pants will always be perfect.

Being one of the cheapest ironing presses, the Corby 7700 offers you a great value for money by offering you the necessary comforts at a more accessible price:

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#4 Domena MAC5 SP4150

Best Steam Press Reviews



  • This is a powerful ironing press as it is capable of producing up to 130 grams of steam per minute to fiercely attack any wrinkle in your fabrics.
  • It has a deposit of 750 milliliters of capacity so you can use the press comfortably without having to recharge it at any time.
  •  As a security measure, the computer is able to shut down automatically after three minutes of inactivity.


  • the press must be kept open to produce the steam since after 10 seconds of inactivity, the heating is switched off.
  •  It requires three minutes after turning on to have water vapor ready and applied to the garments.

The steam press Domena MAC5 SP4150 offers a simple ironing system, with which you can have all your clothes in perfect condition with little effort.

This model has a deposit of 750 milliliters of capacity, with which to generate thanks to its power, a capacity of steam generation of 130 grams per minute.

Thanks to its rapid heating system this product hardly needs three minutes to start ironing your clothes. Once you introduce the clothes and fold the press this introduces a jet of steam for about 10 seconds so that your clothes are always impeccable.

The system allows you to adjust both the steam output level and the temperature, so you can adapt the operation of the product to the type of garment you are ironing in a simple way.

Depending on its version, the Domena model could be considered the best press for 200 euros or a little more of the moment:

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#5 Speedy Press Super Premier

Speedy Press Double Size Ironing Press; 1800watts! Free Accessories Included!


  • This is one of the most powerful equipment among the ironing presses mentioned since it works with a maximum of 1,800 watts, which makes the task a lot easier.
  • Speedy Press Super Premier includes a cover and extra foam for spare parts, a bottle of filling for the steam and a bottle of spray for the treatment of fabrics.
  •  an illustrative DVD is also included that will show you how to use the press correctly in case you do not have experience.


  • you must be careful when using the Speedy Press Super Premier since this option does not have automatic shutdown due to inactivity.
  •  Apparently, the storage tray of this press can be a little weak if you put too much weight on it.

To be able to iron any garment in a simple way, the Speedy Press Super Premier model offers an easy-to-use system to save time on the ironing of any garment.

This iron has a power of 1800 watts, capable of generating a wide steam current that is distributed in its 38 exit holes.

This system allows you to iron almost immediately any garment by simply lowering the lever of the press. Thanks to its size, which doubles almost that of conventional presses, obtaining better results in a simple way.

The product has a weight of approximately 15 kilos, so you can move it with simplicity, both when placing it and working with the product.

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Some consider Speedy as the best brand of ironing presses since it has different options to satisfy all tastes:

How to use an ironing press

Ironing presses represent an important initial investment capable of saving us hours of work and saving us money from the dry cleaners. They are especially generous with delicate fabrics and especially efficient with large pieces; but the truth is that the use and management of this type of device requires basic knowledge, although nothing complex, that we want to share next.


The bottom of your ironing press usually has the size and shape of a small ironing board; while the upper part is made up of a large plate. Because the ironing surface is larger than your traditional hand iron, it takes much less to have any part ready.

To use an ironing press, you just have to place the clothes or piece to iron as extended as possible on the surface. Next, use the handle on top of the dam to close the lid, you should wait for the beep or alert signal that indicates that the ironing has finished to proceed to lift the lid and remove the piece.

The addition of water

In some models it is necessary to incorporate steam during the process; It is important to know that the steam outlets allow us more efficient and faster results since they more effectively undo wrinkles on difficult fabrics.

To use this function, if your article incorporates them, you must find the opening of the internal tank and proceed to pour water directly into it; Once the water has had time to warm up you can place the pieces to iron and follow the process described in the previous section.


Although these items are designed in such a way that they require very little maintenance by the user, they must also have some special care with the use of ironing presses in order to avoid possible accidents and preserve the useful life of the product.

For example, under no circumstances is it recommended to leave the ironing press activated and unattended; Whenever you finish using the product you should turn it off correctly and unplug the appliance. Another important recommendation is that you never use equipment that presents damage to the power supply cable and do not use the product in areas with water or high humidity.

You should always read and follow the manufacturer’s warnings to avoid any setbacks; as well as following the instructions of use to the letter, because they can vary from one brand to another and even from one model to another.

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